The Austin Company of UK Ltd

Position: Senior Architect

Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


EPR Architect

Position: Senior Architect

Location: London, Greater London, United Kingdom


PCKO Architects

Position: Architect Project Manager

Location: Residential, Healthcare, Educational and Conservation areas, London.


Curl-La Tourelle Architects

Position: Executive Architect

Educational Projects in London, United Kingdom


Medical Architecture

Position: Project Manager

Healthcare projects in London.


BHP Architects

Position: Senior Architect

Educational projects in London, United Kingdom


David Wood Architects

Position: Senior Manager

Residential developments in London.


Nick Farnell Architects

Position: Senior Architect

Private Residential, Leisure and Commercial in London, United Kingdom


Collcutt & Hamp

Position: Project Architect

Private Residential, Leisure and Commercial in Chesham, Bucks.


Portici County Council

Position: Course Tutor for Conversation and History of Ville Vesuviane - Villa Lauro Lancellotti.

Naples Area, Italy

Employed directly by the council to run lectures and prepare a concise course for Post Graduatesand selected Under graduates in the history of the Vesuvian Urban Area and Villa Lauro Lancellotti.



BSF School Project Design Competition of a New A&E in Merano - Italy Roseberry Park, St Luke’s Hospital Site UK Sports Hall for a New Technical School in Montrat - Ireland Chingford Foundation school Discovery School - London Chingford and Latymer School Big Hill residential development - London The Vellum Building - London 1-3 Liverpool East road – Yorkshire


Prince2 Foundation Exam and Prince2 Foundation&Practitioner Package with Distinction - Level I Basketball Referee - TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - Revit - Level II Basketball Coach - Management in Architectural practice - Trinity - English

Want to learn more about me?

Please contact me by telephone at:

+39 340-7378678 or +44 07732674565.

Consult my LinkedIn profile:

Senior Architect

Experience in the industry allows me to take on increased responsibility. Design buildings and make sure they are structurally sound. Serve as managerof a team, work with clients and company leaders to ensure the overall success of a project.

Project Manager

Report to and support studio Principal and Creative Director through expert project management ability and technical proficiency. Provide oversight for the delivery of projects by working collaboratively with project teams and participate in management of personnel.

Project Architect

Actions among the various individuals and groups contributing to a construction project need to be coordinated to stay on track and on budget. Help to supervise and maintain workflow so that schedules do not get interrupted. Look over designs and suggestions to see how they fit in with the overall project.


AID is a multidisciplinary team of Architects with more than 20 years experience in Italy as well as UK and Canada.


Inception and Feasibility
Survey of the existing site (unless survey drawings will be provided by others) Developments of initial concept design options (3D visualization if requested) to meet clients requirements Prepare preferred option for client approval.
Local Planning submission
Develop scheme design for Planning Application including specialist input from consultants
Local Building regulations
Develop detail design and integrate any work by consultants, specialists and suppliers Provide documentation for client approval Prepare and submit applications for approvals under local building acts and/or regulations and other statutory requirements
Production information
Prepare production of information, schedules of works for tendering purposes Prepare and provide building specification of the works Provide information for client sign off
Tenders and contract
Advise and obtain the clients approval of a list of tenderers for the building contract Negotiate a price with an approved contractor Review program in conjunction with tenders Appraise and report on tenders Advise the client on the appointment of a contractor and on the roles and responsibilities of all parties
Operations on site
Administer the terms of the contract Monitor the progress of the works against the program with the contractor Prepare and certify valuations of work carried out or completed Certify valuations of work prepared by others Give general advice on maintenance
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